Rabobank Interpolis practice:

Book: Claims handling by Rabobank Interpolis
Detailed uncovered by victims of illness or injury
Includes names and the last state of affairs


Second edition, November 2005
HM Walker

Injuries and burnout hit independent entrepreneur in 5 years permanently disabled. The public insurer finds him completely disabled for all work. Private insurer Interpolis invites favourite doctors. They judge the same person in the same period fully able for his work as professional organizational consultant.
How did that happen? Incredible experiences with these insurers and 20 doctors, the insurance ombudsman and the medical counsil. Hundreds of visits and consequential damage.
Judged ill and healthy at the same time. The yo-yo effect. The vision of doctors, lawyers and others.
View behind the scenes. No isolated case, but daily practice. Apparently covered up for decades. This turned out after his report to the media.
Many other workers get the same treatment. Nobody speaks.
He describes the consequences at home, at work and in the company. And made it public so that no one  is exposed to these practices.anymore.
Rabobank Interpolis responds him to the claim. Through the media: "Why doesn't he go to court?"
The striking similarity of the insurers practice for other victims in previous book. How the cover up works. Daily practice, saying many other victims and experts after the disclosure: ''Policies prove worthless if something serious happens."
Finally he describes a nasty excessive pressure by doctors of the public Insurer that lasted 5 months.

He is the first victim of injury and illness, and of his insurers, who discovers the truth. And publishes the full story. What began as a diary, based on records, notes and letters. A sad thriller. Disclosing story of infernal five years for the man permanently disabled for the job. He takes the reader along unnecessary more ill making practices of the medical world and insurers. What happened with this entrepreneur, who fought to recover and to return in his profession?

The book begins with what preceded the tragic episode. The events that followed soon. Initially, there is still room for nice moments and humor. Then, the reader is gradually token with the author. In amazement, bewilderment and sorrow.
After five years of medical and insurance 'treatment' his medical reports prove continuing severe limitations. His medical file and the claim correspondence show a trail of omissions, errors, false denials and medical insurer-chicanes.
At the publication of his story warm responses follow. And intimidation by some family members, friends, business associates, doctors, insurers and media.

He is not alone. Far from an exception. After the publicity more and more similar victims tell their story. It appears that many thousands never dare to speak. Why not?
What are the consequences at home and at work of these victims? What are the implications for their own company? He went public so that these nasty practices will stop. 5 months he is threatened with repercussions. As by miracle he resisted the intimidation.
Unexpected he receives information from behind the scenes. Never refuted disclosing data confirmed the existence of this practice long before. And denounced. Covered by time?
So far the public insurer paid 100%, private insurer Rabobank Interpolis has left the victim with empty hands.

What exra 'surprise did Rabobank and Interpolis provide to the author?
What did the author undertake to inform people who think they are safe insured about deceptive insurer practices? The development of the later extensive report on this practice. And ... The unexpected confirmation of the Interpolis staff itself.
How he reveal the identity of all treating, investigating, investigating controllers, doctors, therapists, work experts, file managers, directors, the ombudsman and the supreme boss of the RABO banking insurance corporation?
How did they react? What threats were pronounced? And what followed?
Who was the favourite examining physician of Interpolis also a frequent punished 'client' by the medical disciplinary committee?
And today? Which doctors are found equally controversial active for this insurer and others?


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